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Sauk Centre Family Dental            


334 Main St. S. Sauk Centre, MN 56378

Before: Spaces in the smile.

After: Closed the spaces, creating a                            beautiful, even smile

Smile Makeover

Patient wants a less gummy smile. Using a laser, Dr. Jason removes gum tissue. This exposes more of the crowns of the teeth, giving her a more aesthetic smile.

Following her appointment she sent us this email:

Dr. Jason and Denise (Susie too!)

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much. I think it looks amazing. I couldn't be more satisfied. I think I smiled all evening.

Smile Makeover- Before

This patient wanted to feel more confident when she smiled. She also wanted to fix the space, where her tooth was broken and decayed at the gumline.

Smile Makeover - After

Dr. Jason first, removed the decay and built up the broken tooth, then placed a crown. On the other 5 front teeth, veneers were placed.

She was pleased she got to keep all of her own teeth and is delighted with her new smile!

Smile Makeover - Before

Patient is unhappy with her smile. She is missing the tooth left of center. This has caused her midline to shift, resulting in chipping and an uneven smile.

Smile Makeover - After

Dr. Jason uses her canine (or eye tooth) and shapes it to "look" like the missing tooth, left of center. Using dental composite he was able to shift her midline slightly and repair the chipping. Resulting in a

more even, attractive smile!

Smile Restoration- Before

Patient is unhappy with the shape and color of her smile. She wants her teeth to look brighter, more even and less boxy. She also wants her lower fillings replaced, to ensure a better color match. 

Smile Restoration- After

Dr. Jason replaced the bridge on the top. This resulted in a more even, feminine and brighter smile. The patient whitened her lower teeth first. Then, Dr. Jason replaced her old, discolored fillings with new, whiter fillings to match.   

In her words: "I highly recommend Dr. Jason Bjerketvedt and his professional staff. I had extensive corrective and cosmetic dentistry completed by Dr. Jason. The results were incredible -- absolutely perfect. I couldn't be more pleased!"